Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Surveillance Camera in Saratoga, CA

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Installed PTZ Camera installed at front door –

Here is the result of an installation of a PTZ camera in Saratoga.  The owner can not only view camera on Smartphone or iPad but can Pan, Tilt and Zoom 360 degrees to either see who is at door or view the front yard.  Give a call or email if you are interested in something  similar.

14 Zone Structured Wire Panel with Security Cameras in Los Altos

This panel was completed in Los Altos with 14 zones of structured wire (2 coax and 2 ethernet in one bundle) and 3 security cameras. The cameras are modulated so they can  be seen on any television in the house. You can see by the legend below the modulator for cameras as well as the distributed power bus (to power each camera) that is included in the panel.

14 Zone Panel with Security Cameras -

14 Zone Panel with Security Cameras pt 2 -


1. DSL Filter – whole house DSL filter, no need for local filters on phones
2. Telephone Bridge – Bridges all cat5/Ethernet wires for phone
3-6. RJ45 Network distribution Module – Turn on a ethernet port at wall plate by connecting a patch cord from switch to here.
4-10. F type Video Distribution Module – Connect coax to this to make TV live in individual rooms at wall plate. Comcast cable, Dish or DTV
11-12. RJ45 Network Distribution Modules (see above description)
13. 4 Port Coax Splitter – Use to distribute Cable TV to individual rooms
14. 12 Volt Distribution Module – Used to power security cameras with 12 volts via cat 5 wire
15. 6 inch clamp shelf – for extra device that may need to be collocated into panel
16. 8 Port Switch – for internet distribution
17-19. F Type Video Distribution Modules
20. 3 Port RF Modulator – Used to distribute security cameras to all TV’s in the home. Just need to tune to channel setup on modulator to see who is at your front door.

8 zone structured wire panel in process of being terminated.

8 zone structured wire panel in process of being terminated.

Video distribution on left and network/phone on right side.  The right side had three modules, two RJ45 network modules with a POTS phone module in between.   The right side acts as a patch panel to add either internet or phone (depending on if you connect to phone module or Ethernet switch) to the wall plates in each room.  Also, the wires moving off the left side (unterminated) are for 6 security cameras to be installed at a later date once exterior of home is finished. A security camera DVR will be installed on shelf above panel –

8 Zone Low Voltage Structured Wire Panel 50% done -

8 Zone Low Voltage Structured Wire Panel almost complete -