Sharp 80in TV installation in Aptos, CA

Installed a Sharp 80 inch TV LC-80LE632U over the fireplace in a newly remodeled home in Aptos, California with James Miller.   As you can see, the TV had aprox. 4 inches of vertical placement between mantle and ceiling, so placement had to be perfect.

Home Theater Wall Plate Install Inside Cabinet in San Jose, CA

Here is a wall plate that has 5.1 Home Theater local audio, video, network and distributed whole house audio, being terminated in a cabinet.  You can see the left, center, right speakers plus the surrounds speakers connected to the wall plates hanging down.

The finished wall plate is shown on bottom, with distributed audio showing on left side (the 4 terminal jacks) that will power six pairs of speakers in other rooms throughout the home. An AV Reciever’s second zone will distribute the audio to each set of speakers through a local volume control, which will allow each set of speakers volume to be turned up or completely down in each individual room.

5.1 Home Theater Wall plate being Terminated – MW Home Wiring – 408 228-2597

Terminated 5.1 plus Distributed Audio, network and video Wall Plate – MW Home Wiring – 408 228-2597

Terminating a Combo4 wall plate with 2 Ethernet and 2 Coax in a Closet in Sunnyvale

The owner of this home wanted ability to have internet and TV in the closet organizer of his home in master bedroom.We provided 1 structured wire (combo4 or 2 Ethernet and 2 Coax) inside the closet organizer and here is the results. Now the customer can connect his HD Tivo to comcast with a small Flat Panel TV inside of closet with the ability to close the closet doors to hide TV as per his wifes request!

Blue Combo4/structured wire stubbed out of low voltage mud ring in closet

Combo4 Wire in Closet ready to be trimmed out

fully terminated combo4 wall plate terminated with RJ45 and Coax or Cable connector ready for decora frame

Fully Terminated Coax and Ethernet combo4 wall plate

Low Voltage combo4 wall plate completely terminated in closet with two ethernet and 2 coax

Complete combo4 wall plate with 2 ethernet and 2 coax