Surveillance Cameras / Security Cameras in Los Gatos, CA

Surveillance Camera / Security Cameras in Los Gatos

Surveillance Camera / Security Cameras in Los Gatos

Surveillance Camera / Security Cameras in Los Gatos

Surveillance Camera / Security Cameras in Los Gatos

Dual 4mp  Surveillance Cameras / Security Cameras in one fixture with wiring through attic space.  This home has 10 cameras installed at all ingress locations, including inside garage.
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Surveillance Cameras / Security Cameras in San Jose, CA

Surveillance Cameras / Security Camera at Front Door and Garage in San Jose., San Jose, Call for free estimate

Surveillance Cameras / Security Camera at Front Door and Garage in San Jose., San Jose, Call for free estimate

Two 3mp high resolution cameras, one at front door and one at garage lookin down driveway.  This home had a full 8 zone IP based digital surveillance / Security camera system installed with NVR.  Note all wiring is hidden.
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Sonos Installation with NAS drive in Los Gatos, CA


4 Separate Zones powered by 4 Sonos Connect Amps in Los Gatos.  The included zones are Living Room, Kitchen, Office and Master Bedroom.  The customer loves the ability to play separate music in kitchen while her husband plays his music in his office space. All volume and songs are controlled on their Iphones.

Shielded Cat6 Augmented (Cat6A) Wallplate Installation in Saratoga, CA

Augmented Shielded Cat6

Shielded Cat6A

Here is an installed Shielded Cat6a wallplate in Saratoga, CA.  This cable is actually thicker than Coax (Cable TV wire) and has a theoretical throughput of 10Gb.





Augemented Cat6aThis picture shows an example of a Shielded Cat6a (augmented). Note the size of the diameter of the wire as compared to the yellow Cat5e and white Coax (RG6)

LED Flat Panel with In-Wall Left, Center and Right Speakers over TV in Sunnyvale, CA


An example of In-Wall speakers installed with flat panel TV.  The speakers were all installed horizontally versus the left and right installed vertically and leaving only the center horizontal.  This poses logistic issues as centering the speakers equally requires the wall to … Continue reading

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Surveillance Camera in Saratoga, CA

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Installed PTZ Camera installed at front door –

Here is the result of an installation of a PTZ camera in Saratoga.  The owner can not only view camera on Smartphone or iPad but can Pan, Tilt and Zoom 360 degrees to either see who is at door or view the front yard.  Give a call or email if you are interested in something  similar.

Sharp 80in TV installation in Aptos, CA

Installed a Sharp 80 inch TV LC-80LE632U over the fireplace in a newly remodeled home in Aptos, California with James Miller.   As you can see, the TV had aprox. 4 inches of vertical placement between mantle and ceiling, so placement had to be perfect.

Home Theater Wall Plate Install Inside Cabinet in San Jose, CA

Here is a wall plate that has 5.1 Home Theater local audio, video, network and distributed whole house audio, being terminated in a cabinet.  You can see the left, center, right speakers plus the surrounds speakers connected to the wall plates hanging down.

The finished wall plate is shown on bottom, with distributed audio showing on left side (the 4 terminal jacks) that will power six pairs of speakers in other rooms throughout the home. An AV Reciever’s second zone will distribute the audio to each set of speakers through a local volume control, which will allow each set of speakers volume to be turned up or completely down in each individual room.

5.1 Home Theater Wall plate being Terminated – MW Home Wiring – 408 228-2597

Terminated 5.1 plus Distributed Audio, network and video Wall Plate – MW Home Wiring – 408 228-2597

Home Theater Speakers with Crazy Conduit for HDMI and Ethernet – Cupertino, CA

Right, Left, Center Home Theater Speakers

Home Theater Speaker Rough-in with Conduit for HDMI and Ethernet

Here is a home theater being prepared with Rough-In Speaker brackets for Left, Right and Center in Cupertino, CA.  Also, the Conduit is for future HDMI, Ethernet and any other wire you want to place behind the TV.  If you notice there is a pass through from left to right so equipment can be setup in either side of cabinets that will ultimately be there. LED TV will be installed at confluence of orange conduit in middle of wall between speakers.

Fiber from AT&T in Dublin, Ca

Fiber Node in Dublin, Ca -

Fiber from AT&T in Dublin, Ca -

Telco panel on weather exposed wall in Dublin, Ca

Outdoor Telco Panel in Dublin, Ca -

Structured wire panel, Telco panel in garage in Dublin, Ca -

This is result after moving telco panel into garage in Dublin, Ca -

Here is a picture of Fiber Optic cable brought directly to the customers home from AT&T. I had to move the Telco closet which included all Ethernet and Coax in weather exposed telco panel. The move of the panel ended up in the Garage where the customer could then install his Cable Modem and Switch.

Bose Lifestyle Satellite Speaker installation in Dublin, CA

Bose Satellite Lifestyle Rear Speakers installed in Ceiling

Bose Satellite Lifestyle Rear Speakers installed in Ceiling -

Bose Satellite Lifestyle Speakers installed in Ceiling

Bose Satellite Lifestyle Speakers installed in Ceiling -

Here is a Bose Lifestyle 5.1 Speaker installation that had the wire already installed in Dublin, Ca. The speaker mounts were installed directly to the mudring speaker covers. These covers are used to cover up a junction box in ceiling so the the eyesore of the junction box is unseen.

Completed Home Theater in San Jose

Home Theater TV with Left, Right and Center in Ceiling Speakers

Home Theater with In Ceiling Speakers

Here is the completed Family Room with Samsung UN55C7000 3D LED and 5.1 in ceiling speakers (only left, right and center are shown in picture). The customer puchased an Onkyo TX-SR508 Continue reading

Patio Speaker Install in Mountain View

This customer wanted to liven up his backyard with whole house audio including these speakers in the patio. We installed a Denon AVR 3311CI Continue reading

5.1 Home Theater In Ceiling Speaker Installation – Before and After

This customer wanted a 5.1 home theater installed in his family room. The pictures below show the LEFT and RIGHT fronts plus CENTER speakers in ceiling above wall where LCD TV will be mounted. (before and after) (Rear speakers not shown)

Holes in ceiling ready for in ceiling speakers to be installed

In ceiling speakers cutouts

In ceiling speakers installed in family room over wall mounted TV

In Ceiling Speakers Installed

Terminating a Combo4 wall plate with 2 Ethernet and 2 Coax in a Closet in Sunnyvale

The owner of this home wanted ability to have internet and TV in the closet organizer of his home in master bedroom.We provided 1 structured wire (combo4 or 2 Ethernet and 2 Coax) inside the closet organizer and here is the results. Now the customer can connect his HD Tivo to comcast with a small Flat Panel TV inside of closet with the ability to close the closet doors to hide TV as per his wifes request!

Blue Combo4/structured wire stubbed out of low voltage mud ring in closet

Combo4 Wire in Closet ready to be trimmed out

fully terminated combo4 wall plate terminated with RJ45 and Coax or Cable connector ready for decora frame

Fully Terminated Coax and Ethernet combo4 wall plate

Low Voltage combo4 wall plate completely terminated in closet with two ethernet and 2 coax

Complete combo4 wall plate with 2 ethernet and 2 coax

Prewire Retrofit on a home with kitchen remodel only

This customer had a kitchen remodel happening and decided to add 12 zones of structured wire while the kitchen was opened up (no wall, just studs).  The picture shows the first floor with structured wire (blue wire) moving up one wall up through  first floor ceiling into a closet in a second floor room.  We located the panel in the room above the kitchen for ease of getting all wire throughout the home. I will post more pictures of this retrofit prewire shortly.

1st Floor Prewire -

1st floor prewire -

Note: Blue Structured Wire – 2 coax and 2 cat5 in one bundle

14 Zone Structured Wire Panel with Security Cameras in Los Altos

This panel was completed in Los Altos with 14 zones of structured wire (2 coax and 2 ethernet in one bundle) and 3 security cameras. The cameras are modulated so they can  be seen on any television in the house. You can see by the legend below the modulator for cameras as well as the distributed power bus (to power each camera) that is included in the panel.

14 Zone Panel with Security Cameras -

14 Zone Panel with Security Cameras pt 2 -


1. DSL Filter – whole house DSL filter, no need for local filters on phones
2. Telephone Bridge – Bridges all cat5/Ethernet wires for phone
3-6. RJ45 Network distribution Module – Turn on a ethernet port at wall plate by connecting a patch cord from switch to here.
4-10. F type Video Distribution Module – Connect coax to this to make TV live in individual rooms at wall plate. Comcast cable, Dish or DTV
11-12. RJ45 Network Distribution Modules (see above description)
13. 4 Port Coax Splitter – Use to distribute Cable TV to individual rooms
14. 12 Volt Distribution Module – Used to power security cameras with 12 volts via cat 5 wire
15. 6 inch clamp shelf – for extra device that may need to be collocated into panel
16. 8 Port Switch – for internet distribution
17-19. F Type Video Distribution Modules
20. 3 Port RF Modulator – Used to distribute security cameras to all TV’s in the home. Just need to tune to channel setup on modulator to see who is at your front door.

8 zone structured wire panel in process of being terminated.

8 zone structured wire panel in process of being terminated.

Video distribution on left and network/phone on right side.  The right side had three modules, two RJ45 network modules with a POTS phone module in between.   The right side acts as a patch panel to add either internet or phone (depending on if you connect to phone module or Ethernet switch) to the wall plates in each room.  Also, the wires moving off the left side (unterminated) are for 6 security cameras to be installed at a later date once exterior of home is finished. A security camera DVR will be installed on shelf above panel –

8 Zone Low Voltage Structured Wire Panel 50% done -

8 Zone Low Voltage Structured Wire Panel almost complete -

Home Theater Prewire over Fireplace in Saratoga, CA.

Home Theater Prewire with wire over Fireplace.  You can see the front left, right and center retangle speakers in ceiling.  We will be back to this location to trim out the 8 gang wall plate, plus hang the 63 inch Samsung Plasma and install the 7.1 home theater speakers, once the walls are up and painted.

Home Theater Prewire - MW Home Wiring - 408 228-2597

Orange – Conduit for future use
Black wire – Coax and HDMI
Blue Wire – Cat5 / Ethernet wire for Infrared Distribution and Internet to TV
Yellow Wire -Speaker wire for 7.1 audio
8 Gang mud ring

Simple Structured Wire with NO panel in Palo Alto, CA

Customer had home prewired, but contractor just left wire in attic stubbed out of plywood panel.  Customer was on limited budget and did not want to spend on installing a low voltage, structured wire panel, so we went with this approach.

Ready to punch down - MW Home Wiring - 408 228-2597

Complete Termination - MW Home Wiring - 408 228-2597

27 Zone Structured Wire Panel Install in San Jose

New Construction Spec Home with 16 zones of structured wire.  The contractor choose not to add any distributed audio, which was a mistake IMO.  The left shows Video  and Data Distribution with the right side showing Video and Voice Distribution. (in same panel)  A 24 port switch and DSL modem is not show below.

Video and Voice Distribution

Video and Data Distribution

Structured Wire Panel plus Audio Distribution Installation in Gilroy

8 zone structured wire distribution with directv panel.
5.1 plus distributed audio into 3 rooms.