Shielded Cat6 Augmented (Cat6A) Wallplate Installation in Saratoga, CA

Augmented Shielded Cat6

Shielded Cat6A

Here is an installed Shielded Cat6a wallplate in Saratoga, CA.  This cable is actually thicker than Coax (Cable TV wire) and has a theoretical throughput of 10Gb.





Augemented Cat6aThis picture shows an example of a Shielded Cat6a (augmented). Note the size of the diameter of the wire as compared to the yellow Cat5e and white Coax (RG6)

LED Flat Panel with In-Wall Left, Center and Right Speakers over TV in Sunnyvale, CA


An example of In-Wall speakers installed with flat panel TV.  The speakers were all installed horizontally versus the left and right installed vertically and leaving only the center horizontal.  This poses logistic issues as centering the speakers equally requires the wall to … Continue reading

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Surveillance Camera in Saratoga, CA

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Installed PTZ Camera installed at front door –

Here is the result of an installation of a PTZ camera in Saratoga.  The owner can not only view camera on Smartphone or iPad but can Pan, Tilt and Zoom 360 degrees to either see who is at door or view the front yard.  Give a call or email if you are interested in something  similar.